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Of Music & Cultural Influences Day 17 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

Have you ever had moment where you wonder what could have been going through a musician’s mind when they penned that particular song you love and sing along to every time? 354 mais palavras


A Happy Middle, A Sad Start Day 22 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

The story concludes…

The “I” who knew it all…

Dear reader. You probably came this far because you want to know what happened with Tongoona and Shepherd-Farai after that October afternoon in 2016. 630 mais palavras


A Happy Middle, A Sad Start Day 21 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

The story continues

My obituary would state that I died at the young age of 27

My parents would probably get one published and these were strange thoughts to be having in my final moments of life. 513 mais palavras


A Happy Middle, A Sad Start Day 20 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

I have always hated spiderwebs.

They freaked me out and it wasn’t just about the static feeling one got when it happened to come in contact with the skin. 438 mais palavras


Labia Minora Elongation Day 19 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

Labia minora elongation is a common practice that some Zimbabwean women engage in during the pre-teen years. It involves the manual stretching of the labia with the aid of… 571 mais palavras


My Zimbabwe Day 18 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

The global community has a limited view of what our country has to offer and many associate the name Zimbabwe with violence and interminable political wrangling. 454 mais palavras


"Kutara" Day 16 #WinterABC2021 @AfroBloggers

There are different ways of welcoming a new born baby according to various cultures and customs. I will be sharing with you details about how it is (or was) done in Mungari, Mozambique according to my great aunt Joanna. 649 mais palavras