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Writing Tips: Get Inspired

Writing is a struggle and it is easy to loose motivation and even give up. All of us writers can use some encouragement, and in my case a lot of encouragement. 854 mais palavras


Ancient Tablets, Notebooks, and Speeches in the Writing of the Gospels — The Textual Mechanic

Roman scribe with his stylus and tablets on his tomb stele at Flavia Solva in NoricumIn Book 6, Letter 5 to his friend Ursus, Pliny the Younger (ca.

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Flat-Earthers - Good or Bad?

Flat-earthers – Good or Bad?

Hello reader, welcome to a new blog post on my blog site, today I am diving into another controversial topic, and looking at the for, against and my own opinions of the idea. 1.016 mais palavras


Baby Bags

Each month baby bags are prepared to be delivered to Shore Memorial Hospital. A variety of materials are provided by the library for newborns and their mothers. 57 mais palavras


Going to 1 Post a Week Until June 30th

Well, me

Hi, Everyone! Yes, you read that right. I’m cutting down to 1 post a week until I either hit or miss my goal. I was hoping that I’d be able to make it through without doing this, but I just got shifted to a different position at work that’s going to take some overtime to catch-up on. 199 mais palavras

My Writing Journey