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"torrent..." a #tanka (9/23/21)

9/23/21: prompt-free

as swollen clouds
a concrete patch later
the family room stays dry

#tanka #micropoetry #poetry

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Autumn Nights

I pull my favorite hoodie over my head, as I head out the door, with a leash in my hand and my dog at my heels. 159 mais palavras


I am...

I am a breeze, rustling through the Autumn leaves. Crisp clean air that revitalizes the land. I am a ray of sunshine, blanketing the Earth with my warmth. 72 mais palavras


In death is life

no map
no home
no food
no retreat
only open sky
— and open earth

the world is free
but its resources are not
Each moment is stitched to each other
the strings of the past keep loosening
the next moment is never materialised

- Duty calls to those who lead by following

Home is in the future

starting a new life, is like
letting go of a fire truck

— and holding onto a ferrari

the best

predators serve the public to hide in plain sight.

– Six Rivers


dusk gecko runs amok along concrete corridor