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Blues Music in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Written November 2019 for American Literature class.

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is a monumental work of twentieth-century literature whose importance reverberates to this day. Set in 1930s Harlem, the novel follows an unnamed African-American narrator as he traverses his contemporary political and social landscape in search for his identity, which, until the latter parts of the novel, remains indistinct and inconstant. 2.598 mais palavras

Michelle Li

Holy Hangover, Batman

Had a few beers last night and Victory’s Golden Monkey does pack a punch. Was not paying attention to the ABV at all, cause well, just drinking and watching Marvel movies at home – 9 point freaking 5 percent and it goes down far too smoothly. 114 mais palavras


Poem for Em's Recital

Light brakes brightly through the
stained glass window
heavy with warmth on my right
ear and side.

Heavy tunks and plinks from
radiators slung low… 68 mais palavras


Happy Friday!

You did it yet again – WELL DONE!

As my staycation comes to a close, I have come to the conclusion that I do not like staycationing and going forward, I will be sticking with long weekends more often vs. 141 mais palavras


Brewing Up Some History #memorylane

I was shifting some post wedding stuff and realised we still had a fair bit of beer. Made me a bit nostalgic and I mentioned this to a couple of chaps on a walk. 1.222 mais palavras



Thunderstorms on and off all night – thunder, rain, sleep, thunder, rain, sleep – repeat until around 5:30 when the loudest damn thunderclap I’ve ever heard went off right over the damn house. 337 mais palavras