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Clouds On The Horizon #writephoto

This week’s #writephoto prompt took me in a somewhat bizarre direction. I blame the weather…

Arturo Despot shuffled his feet nervously. He’d been sure he’d come up with a nailed on certainty, but pleasing Artemis Poltroon was not easy. 417 mais palavras


To the setting sun we did quest

It rose in my breast
that we, out here, were so blessed.
Yet now we’re so messed.


OK, some positive things

Cause I’ll admit, I was very bummed this morning feeling like everything I’ve done over the past year and a half hasn’t made a difference in the big scheme of things. 151 mais palavras


The World of Merkel

A silly little ditty from a notebook, written I guess in 2018 or so…

Angela Merkel

The German gerbil

Dominated the world’s Rathaus.

She cleaned her whiskers… 159 mais palavras


A schism is disrupting no matter your status

Bishop Donatus
called for re-apparatus.
Thus his hiatus.



Seriously, NBC, why aren’t you showing the rings in Men’s gymnastics?! It’s hard and cool and people like it!

And Simone Biles is the GOAT for Noping the fuck outta there when she realized, “I could very well kill myself if I try this.” I am so damn proud of her for that. 251 mais palavras


ghost whispers

The plain girl who thought she was kept away from all things pleasant and pretty because of a suspected hex cast on her was walking toward the setting sun sinking into the west end of the horizon, smearing the sky with scarlet halos. 219 mais palavras