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Nature's Healing Vibes

Nature itself is the best physician.” Hippocrates

As I pull into our county park something magical happens inside me. I instantly feel a shift in my state-of-being. 846 mais palavras


Friday 24th September 2021

My brain has a lot to answer for at the moment! Today I had loads to get done but my brain had other ideas… pulling apart my thoughts, finding the negatives and screaming them from the rooftops!! 233 mais palavras


Your First 90 Days: ProductCon

This is a talk I delivered for ProductCon September 2021 about balancing change and continuity, titled “Your First 90 Days: Listen, Learn & Act.”

When facing change, how to make your first 90 days matter by staying alert and ready to listen, learn, and act. 286 mais palavras



Every morning my eyes grow heavier.

That stupid alarm clock won’t stop ringing.

If I get out of bed I’m fucked. If I stay in bed I’m very fucked. 295 mais palavras

Mental Health

The Elite Class…

It’s a given that some people believe they are better than others. They’re not. People use comparison to gauge where they are socially and economically. This just breeds frustration. 19 mais palavras


Making the big scary leap from a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship

Stepping into your true power, discovering yourself, and riding the big waves

I work with many clients, who are on the edge of jumping into the scary deep end of starting their own business, or have already jumped and are now trying to swim. 1.255 mais palavras


5 Keys To A Kaizen Mindset


“Productivity is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done. It doesn’t mean just doing less for the sake of less. 156 mais palavras