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Some Blog Templates Are Better for Argentina Hospital Search Engine Optimization

The idea is to provide skilled material on your Hospital blog; content that is supported with research study and realities. Bear in mind that you are competing with the genuine news when you write a blog so it must be too looked into and credit offered where credit is do. 146 mais palavras

Some Blog Templates Are Much Better for Argentina Hospital SEO

The concept is to provide professional material on your Medical Clinic blog; material that is backed up with research and facts. Keep in mind that you are completing with the genuine news when you write a blog site so it ought to be also looked into and credit given where credit is do. 147 mais palavras

Training And Education

Medico's Journal #7

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Moronic medicos

So today our offline classes were to begin. I am still at home as I will be going day after tomorrow and then will be giving my rtpcr sample and after the report comes as negative, will attend my classes. 371 mais palavras


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. Moreover, physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability. 340 mais palavras

Dr.nidhi Solanki

Medico's Journal #3

Research before you speak!

No generalizations to be made. I value each and every opinion but if it’s about science, I would have to agree to diagree. 661 mais palavras



Hi there , anyone out there reading , I am introducing myself as this app demands , My name is Pragnya Thapa . I am 1st year medical student and I am starting these blogs because I wanted to share my opinions and know your opinions and boarden my thought process , so basically I am just making a way outof none to learn new things rather than watching useless videos recommended by the youtube 😅.. 128 mais palavras

Medico's Journal #2

Includes personal experiences only. Names have been changed.

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Infatuation at first sight!

I came across this term after witnessing it a lot in college. 1.001 mais palavras