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When Can I Pick Up My New Science Materials?


The TUSD Board approved the adoption and purchase of NGSS-aligned science materials for all grades, PreK-12. For the first time since the adoption of the NGSS in 2013, all students in Tracy Unified School District will have access to standards-aligned science instructional materials. 210 mais palavras


Integrated Marketing Campaign

Put simply, Integrated Marketing Campaign refers to the integration of all the promotional tools, so that they work together. Marketers send their integrated messages to prospects and customers through various media forms they controlled. 234 mais palavras

Digital Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communication, Mengajar untuk Belajar Kembali (Bagian 3)

Senang sekali rasanya, menularkan pengalaman kita selama belasan tahun bekerja ke rekan-rekan mahasiswa semester 4 di kelas Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) ini. Seharusnya di semester 4 ini, materi ajar untuk mereka masih banyak di porsi teori, belum banyak materi praktek. 1.389 mais palavras

Marketing Communication

End of Year Check In of Textbooks in K-5/K-8

All year, library staff focus on serving students and teachers, integrating our work into the work of instruction and learning. But during end of year textbook check in (and check out, at the beginning of the year), library staff must use a set of very strict, uniform procedures to ensure equitable services to all teachers and students. 283 mais palavras

Library Work

IMC Media Journal and Reflection

JOUR 101 – Channing Martin’s Media Journal No. 5 (487 Words)

As a college student, I am being met daily with massive amounts of information from various sources. 473 mais palavras

Integrated Marketing Communication, Mengajar untuk Belajar Kembali (Bagian 2)


Ada notifikasi masuk ke WhatsApp saya, tanggal 7 April yang lalu. Sebuah pesan dari rekan lama, adik tingkat saya di kampus FEB Universitas Brawijaya, yang saat ini sudah mengenyam pendidikan… 1.040 mais palavras


How Oreo perfectly integrated an IMC

As always, let’s start at the beginning; what is integrated marketing communication? It can be defined as the process used to unite marketing communication elements, for example, public relations, social media, and advertising, into a brand identity that remains consistent across distinct media channels. 782 mais palavras