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Revisiting Eggs and Cholesterol Questions

March certainly ‘comes in like a lion’ around here, right? It’s currently snowing, but hopefully by the time this goes to print our temps will have risen above freezing… 739 mais palavras

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Can We Influence Our Cholesterol Ratios?

Have you been told you have high cholesterol, but aren’t really sure what this means?

🔸 HDL – high-density lipoproteins contain a high proportion of protein to cholesterol, and they protect the body by carrying LDL cholesterol away from the arteries to the liver. 316 mais palavras


Top 5 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Everyone is talking about coconut oil these days! Whether it is drinking coconut water, using the oil for cooking, or simply applying it as a moisturizer, coconut oil has become the most popular oil on the market. 771 mais palavras


Different Fats: Get the Skinny on Fats

There are all kinds of fat in our foods. Trans fat, hydrogenated fat, partially hydrogenated fat, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, etc. Learn the difference between these fats to trim the pounds and inches from your body and get healthy. 450 mais palavras

What is cholesterol and what makes it "good" or "bad?"

The holidays are upon us and one of the key elements of the holidays is eating and sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain healthy eating during this season. 1.037 mais palavras