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Thursday Blues

Dear Bloggers

Hope everything is going on well!! A kind request to all my beloved viewers… Please pour your comments and feedbacks to my blogs…. Also, request you all to follow my page for all updates… Your love and support gives me the energy to think of a new topic… Looking forward to your support . 6 mais palavras

A better gift giver🌈

Wondering and checking up on your desktop calendar that it isn’t Christmas or Diwali season yet. But, why am I giving such an opening to today’s write-up? 654 mais palavras


Simplify your life, you will be happier

Have you ever said to yourself, I have too much crap? I don’t have any time for me, any space to put my things?

It’s because you have too much useless junk, and it’s taking you a lot of your time to keep them clean, to find anything, to use things properly and it’s taking too much valuable space from your house, closet, car or phone… 195 mais palavras

Written By Me

my advice to the high school freshman girl (who deep down has no idea what to expect)

Hello beautiful people! Alright, this one is specifically for my incoming high school freshman girls out there. Yes, you out there! As someone who will be going into their senior year, I’ve definitely gained a few experiences here and there, and let me tell you, … 2.462 mais palavras

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