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#50 Daily NFTs Minute - five cool projects from previous 49 episodes

Review the history episode

Today is a little celebration of 50 episodes of Daily NFTs Minute podcast. It’s more than I ever imagined but it’s fun so I keep going on. 1.145 mais palavras


AI, Digital Art, and Media Literacy

The use of AI  and machine learning in the creation & production of Art has generated some controversy. At the core is that old question, “is it art”. 1.034 mais palavras

Media Literacy

What is creative coding ?

I was always interested in design and art. As a kid I would draw a lot. Now that I look back I wish I would have chosen Design as a field of career, but life had different choices for me. 293 mais palavras

Creative Coding

#36 Daily NFTs Minute - today about Famalam and several projects still minting today

As you know I did a slight change of format and I am talking only about one project which has public mint coming up soon, so you would have time to check it out and get-in if you decide to go for it. 910 mais palavras