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FTY2- Sweet Pea


I continue my review of the the seeds/plants that I started and/or grew this year.  This episode is all about Sweet Pea and how it compared from the 2020 growing season to the 2021 growing season.  44 mais palavras


Aloe vera var. chinensis clean up

Came home from visiting family in Oklahoma with four unruly pots of an indoor chinensis plant…cleaned them up and repotted most of them this morning. I kept a few pieces out to repot separately and experiment with in different growing conditions. 285 mais palavras


Have been spending too much money regretfully on sub standard plants so rather than scrolling through plant sellers’ pages, I am going to occupy myself writing about the experience

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What do I want to share? All the curiosities that I am going through, like how my p. Barrosoanum broke and thankfully I noticed that the upper leaves are going droopy (not getting the water).

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Lessons learned

The gardening chores are done, and the spring bulbs are planted. I bought a gardening auger from Aubuchon for under $20 that works with my battery drill to assist in bulb planting. 426 mais palavras


My Last Day of Isolation. (The seeming joy of a breakthrough infection.)

When I woke up last Sunday with my chest completely tight after a night where my joints were on fire and I tossed and turned in absolute discomfort which was after having dinner with my husband and feeling like I had been on a Florida shore with no sunblock all day, the first thing on my mind was getting a COVID test. 776 mais palavras