D&D 5E - My House Rules

Below are the house rules I use when I run a 5th Edition D&D game.

1) Inspiration
You can wait until the d20 is cast to decide if you’re going to use your inspiration to roll the second die to get advantage. 559 mais palavras


D&D 5E - Learning New Languages (House Rule)

For learning new languages without having to spend down time.

1) You can become proficient in a new language by having another character spend a few hours per day training you in a language that they are proficient in. 188 mais palavras


D&D 5E - Character Wealth per Level

If a character doesn’t start at level 1, what should they start with in terms of gold and magic items?

Whenever a PC dies and the player rolls up a new character, I always have the new character start at the same level as the rest of the party. 345 mais palavras


D&D 5E - Nautical Adventures [re-post]

Rules for conducting a seafaring campaign in D&D. Including rules for Ship-to-Ship Combat.

This is a re-post. I first posted this in 2015. It has been by far my most downloaded file. 338 mais palavras

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

Glass Dominion: The Shatterdrake

Hello, everyone! Long time no see, it seems, but what can one do with the state of the world as it is? We retreat to our lairs, and entertain those that we can contact with the magic of a high-speed Internet connection. 1.311 mais palavras