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Thursday Treasures of Mundane and Wondrous: Blowgun and Bead of Force


A hollow tube used to deliver needles across a distance.

Blowguns are an unusual ranged weapon for people to use. At least in D&D, you will find more people using bows for ranged attacks. 133 mais palavras


Almost Dying in D&D is SO Damn Fun - and Improves Your Session

Dungeons & Dragons is awesome. A lot of you know that, considering how much the game has blown up in recent years. Most sessions are fun if you like the people you’re with, and like anything in life it ebbs and flows with energy. 2.130 mais palavras


Racism and Moral Exceptionalism at the Game Table

Island Gobbo by Jason Wiebe

I just watched an interesting presentation by Antero Garcia called; “Dungeons & Dragons in an Era of Terror, Nationalism, and Gamergate.” Academic discussions of role-playing games (RPGs) interest me for several reasons. 1.453 mais palavras


Why Not Split the Party?

I understand the extra complications that come with splitting a party, especially for the DM themselves. In our previous campaign we didn’t split up often. Without a strong, beefy frontline, our party couldn’t really afford to move too far away from each other. 545 mais palavras

DMs Guild Review - Secrets of the Drowgar

A review copy of “Secrets of the Drowgar” was provided by the publisher. Find more DMs Guild Reviews on my website and YouTube channel. 654 mais palavras


Biweekly Item-Rope Displacers (AD&D)

These two hefty, oaken rods are about 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. Each has a hole, 1 inch in diameter, a couple inches from end. 171 mais palavras


Meet the Campaign: Intro to West Marches

Seamus and I both came of age at a time where the long-running campaign was considered the platonic ideal of the role-playing game. There’s a lot of historical justification for this; the ‘campaign’ as an innovation in the wargaming space was one of the things that led to interest in the character-driven gaming that eventually became Dungeons and Dragons. 2.059 mais palavras