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Pegasus is Just the Tip of the Israeli Cyber Spying Iceberg, with Whitney Webb

July 23rd, 2021

By Mnar Adley


Investigative journalist Whitney Webb joins MIntCast to discuss Pegasus, Toka, and the global Israeli cyberspying network.

Edward Snowden has… 513 mais palavras

Nazi Israel

Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

Cyberwarfare is a military action carried out not physically, but electronically, when information acts as a weapon, and computers and the Internet are tools. Cyberwar, therefore, is one of the types of information war, the task of which is to achieve certain goals in the economic, political, military and other areas by influencing society and power with carefully prepared information. 129 mais palavras


Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure Is in Grave Danger

Colonial Pipeline System Map

Since April 25th, 2021, off in some nether region of my mind, I had this sinking sense that I would be making this post sooner than I had planned. 496 mais palavras


The Evil Cooperation: ’Israel,’ UAE Share Intel on Hezbollah’s Cyber Capabilities

By Staff, Haaretz

As part of the growing cooperation between the “Israeli” apartheid entity and the United Arab Emirates to face any type of Resistance, the two allies have shared intelligence and information related to Hezbollah’s cyber activities. 291 mais palavras

Zionist Entity

Forget Covid, The Global Elites are Now Warning us About a Cyber Pandemic

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

The exercise/event is called “Cyber Polygon” and it will take place this July. It is being sponsored by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and this is what they will focus on during the simulated cyber attack. 159 mais palavras

Has World War 3 Already Begun but No ONe Recognizes It?

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Have the first shots of WW3 been fired but in cyberspace instead of the physical one like we expected? It appears that may be so as I’ve been gathering evidence for it from around the internet. 810 mais palavras

China Strengthens Its Vise-Grip

General Paul Vallely joins Sarah Westall program to discuss the election coup and the ongoing Cyberwar against the American people. He shares his intelligence on China and how their grip on our major institutions is a clear and present danger. 13 mais palavras