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Early Anomaly Detection - Pros and Cons

QCM has been shown to be a formidable technology for real-time early detection of anomalies, even of hidden anomalies in brand new systems and mobile platforms. 296 mais palavras


Genomic Technology and Path Dependence

Economists have discussed the idea of path dependence at length. The general point is that current opportunities available to a system (e.g. biological or otherwise) are constrained by past actions and experiences. 405 mais palavras

Lockdown or not?: How to deal best with 'wicked' problems such as COVID-19

This report below summarises and motivates the importance of moderate, balanced decision-making about ‘wicked’ problems. It assesses the competing controversies about how useful, beneficial or detrimental lockdown strategies and economic restrictions are in reducing COVID infections and in damaging people’s livelihoods and economies in general. 211 mais palavras

Policy & Strategy

Perceiving time and space from a pier.

Linger on a pier.

It will seem you are suspended in fluid space and time.

The world all around you is ever changing.

I took these photos late this afternoon from the pier between Seaport Village and Tuna Harbor. 26 mais palavras


I look around me and feel like laughing. It’s a barking laugh, or so I have surmised. If I were to explain why I just laughed to someone else I confess that I would have a hard time. 304 mais palavras

Infinite Emptiness

Then. The sound of one temple bell.

Morning. The cathedral bells playing a song.

Afternoon. Mail brings me so many questions.

Evening.  No answers over dinner. 135 mais palavras


(Not) Getting away with buzzwords

How do you link complexity, innovation, diversity and creating effective teams without becoming to buzz-wordy? I’ve been attending two trainings, idenpendenly of each other. One in German, by the German Association of Psychologists called “Widerstände im Change-Prozess” (~Resistance in change processes) and one in Swedish by Psykologifabriken, Innovation360, Broryd Industrier och The Social Few called “Att leda i osäkerhet” (~ Leading in times of uncertainty). 54 mais palavras