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God makes complicated things

Stars –

Regular and familiar features of the night sky

Yet they remain far off mysteries we will never touch,

Burning and expanding

Balls of gas… 117 mais palavras


# 22.02 The Dark Side of the Geography of Innovation: Relatedness, Complexity, and Regional Inequality in Europe

Flavio L. Pinheiro, Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Ron Boschma & Dominik Hartmann



As regions evolve, their economies become more complex, and they tend to diversify into related activities. 133 mais palavras

Regional Diversification

Endless Crises of Political Failure

Interesting to note, perhaps, that many if not most (although not necessarily all) political, ideological and/or strategic designs have an inadvertent – arguably unconscious – bias towards generating precisely the kinds of errors that optimally reproduce and self-validate themselves. 179 mais palavras


The Sesame Street Path to Civil Political Discourse

Again, I ask if you watch Sesame Street, and have seen the episodes in the most recent seasons? Their wonderful two-year initiative to teach problem-solving rooted in curiosity and courage. 307 mais palavras

Four reasons why your process introduction may have failed

You’ve come up with the perfect process, written a summary document which explains what people must do at each stage and got the go-ahead from your boss! 800 mais palavras


Complexity, Disinformation, Strategy

An ineradicable problem in the context of engaging disinformation is that, of all possible paths we might as a fledgling technological civilisation have taken through the vast forest of combinatorial possibility, we have arrived in and at a world in which partisan difference and deceptive, adversarial contests have become the  methods by and through which that technologically-mediated world optimally self-propagates. 140 mais palavras


From my Seventh A-to-Z: Big-O and Little-O Notation

I toss off a mention in this essay, about its book publication. By the time it appeared I was thinking whether I could assemble these A-to-Z’s, or a set of them, into a book. 2.053 mais palavras