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Best warm-up for leg day workouts ?

When it comes to leg day workouts there are a lot of dilemmas mostly because exercises that are used to train legs if not done properly or without warmup are dangerous and can result in injury. 1.081 mais palavras


8th day posting

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.

Here I am today @ Kings Cross Library. Another day that I am sharing with you what has been going on in my journey. 486 mais palavras

BEST Calisthenic Workouts for beginners!

Top 10 Best Calisthenic Workouts for strengthening your muscles!


What Are Calisthenics?? Calisthenic exercises are bodyweight only workouts, like pushups and situps. Cathetics take longer to see results, but if you consistently keep up with them you will see amazing definition and strength. 310 mais palavras


When we move . . . . . .

There is always a clamoring for what one can do for their exercise routines. Especially in todays hectic-paced world. What can one do, indeed? Although not a full-fledged workout there are options for getting the body into moving. 135 mais palavras


How to muscle up- complete guide

When it comes to the muscle up it is one of the most amazing ever which connects with calisthenics. It seems very complicated and almost impossible to perform but by reading this article you will have the perfect solution on how to perform it. 810 mais palavras


What is Progressive Overload-B45

Progressive Overload is one of the fundamental principles of muscle growth, it is one of the simplest and easiest way to ensure muscle growth and strength gains. 600 mais palavras


The G-Core Workout

This is a set of core workouts that I did with a good friend. Putting it here to remember it. All of this is one set. 162 mais palavras