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Smorgasbord Health Column – Women’s Health Month – Guest Post – Judith Barrow – Breast Cancer Survivor.

Yesterday I shared the first post from Smorgasbord Magazine about Breast Cancer with statistics and how to make sure you are checking anything suspicious out as soon as possible. 18 mais palavras


Cancerversaries, Scanxiety and Other Made-up Words that Rule a Cancer Survivor's Life

I never thought I’d reach this point. In 2016, when I reeled from the gut punch of my breast cancer diagnosis, when my trust in my body was lost, when I worried I might not live to see my son grow up, I simply could not imagine being five years post-diagnosis. 916 mais palavras


Comparisons Are Odious.

A man named John Fortesque is credited with saying this. I have to agree with him. How much time have many of us wasted comparing ourselves to others. 637 mais palavras


Anheuser Busch sell alcohol - put Clare Flannery out front.

Anheuser-Busch InBev


We’re deeply connected to the communities where we live and work. Our Global Sustainability Manager, Clare Flannery, joined @FightPoverty
to discuss how we engage locally with a cohesive international strategy. 8 mais palavras


Cancer Journey - 2 year update

I have been a nervous wreck coming up on my 2 year cancer checkup. My side near my bra line hurts and feels thicker. My lymph nodes in my neck feel swollen. 297 mais palavras