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Unboxing | Books That Matter: The Sally Rooney Box | September 2021

This month, Books That Matter teamed up with Faber to bring the exclusive Sally Rooney book club box to celebrate the release of Beautiful World, Where Are You… 669 mais palavras

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Books I Want to Read on Autumn Sunday Mornings

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Autumn is my favourite season of the year. The falling leaves that crunch under my crisp, new boots. The smell of warm coffee, the hot water heating my hands through the ceramic, as I sit in a café, watching people puddle through the rain, a warm jumper over my body. 467 mais palavras

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700 Bookish Posts!

I cannot believe that yesterday’s publication was my 700th published blog post on this little site!

I set up Sprinkled With Words in 2013 to talk about my love of books and literature, and writing. 362 mais palavras

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[Book Review] Every Minute Is A Day by Robert Meyer and Dan Koeppel

Not all COVID-books are for doctors.

Like many healthcare workers, I have often turned to narratives to cope with my work, and these have been plentiful during the (COVID) pandemic. 537 mais palavras


Should Christians Read Harry Potter? | A Discussion 

Hii, darlings! I hope that you all had a lovely first half of July, and that your second half goes just as wonderfully. And if not, I dearly hope with all my heart and soul that you are at least able to see God in the midst of it and that things get better for you <3. 1.258 mais palavras

Liesl Robbins

Random Fandom Things#2

Hello humans surprisingly I still am alive!
I know, shocking isn’t it?
Did ya miss me?
Well let’s just say life has it’s ups and it’s downs, anyways I had a Random Fandom prepared for days and I even had idea till part 5 but I’ll use those when I am desperate for now I’m writing letters to fictional characters. 667 mais palavras

Harry Potter