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My Analytical Framework | Nostalgia in DS Games

Previously, in my pitch video for my digital artefact, I briefly mentioned the analytical framework of which I would be applying to my analysis on nostalgic DS games. 616 mais palavras


Did Social Media Change Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars was a teen drama show that aired from 2010-2017. Based on a popular series of novels, this show had an incredible hold on the minds of teens everywhere, including myself. 614 mais palavras

Social Media

Participatory Media Culture + Nostalgic DS Games

Using the analytical framework mentioned in my pitch, my digital artefact is the revisiting of my favourite childhood DS games and documentation of my experience through bi-weekly YouTube videos and accompanying blog posts. 420 mais palavras


Examining Epiphanies

Over the past four weeks I have been conducting autoethnographic research on the sustainable fashion community on Instagram. Through my participation in online challenges and events, engagement with community members and consistent content creation, I have begun to establish myself as a part of this community and have improved my knowledge through the observation of my personal experience. 499 mais palavras

Media Ethnographies

Telegraph to WWW.

The Network Society Paradigm

Our current generation are the most literate in the functions and utilities of the world wide web. Our society is shaped by globalisation… 759 mais palavras