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It Wasn't Really Nice While It Lasted

Beloved daughter submitted her two-week notice of departure to her boss today. The job looked so promising, but it turned out to be horrible.

Childcare center. 413 mais palavras

Day 4 of 25 days of autism - WHEN YOU STARTED TO SEE SIGNS

First week with Grace was truly amazing! I remember her to be an easy going baby for the most part. She slept well, ate well when it came to giving her formula as I could not produce much milk at all. 531 mais palavras


Review: We're Not Broken by Eric Garcia

Since Temple Grandin made headlines in the 1980s as the first openly autistic adult to be recognized in the media, many autistics have made memoirs about their personal experiences since her heyday. 678 mais palavras

Mental Health Matters

Day 1 of 25 days of Autism YOUR CHILD AS A BABY

I am apart of an amazing autism group that I could not or would not want to imagine my life without this support group. This month we have been set a task to do a photo challenge! 73 mais palavras


Weathering the Autism Storm Blog Post #20: What is Dyspraxia/Apraxia and how does it relate to Autism?

This week I am going to talk about something that affected me personally that quite a bit of Autistics might have and that is Dyspraxia. Before preschool I think I was first diagnosed with what was referred to at the time as Global Apraxia which really was Dyspraxia because I was having trouble with my speech, fine and gross motor skills. 599 mais palavras


Ingenious Beasts.

“The truth never flaunted a sign”-Emily Dickinson

I have to share this rather eerie incident that happened to me two days ago. I wanted to get a couple of copies of documents that my bank needed urgently to process a request. 1.074 mais palavras

A Hundred Gotchas

Made it to the vacation. It was incredibly stressful to get here, and I left a bunch of loose ends at work that will probably bite me in the butt when I get back, but I just couldn’t anymore, you know? 409 mais palavras