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Rugged Like the Colorado Rockies

My in-laws live at 10,000 feet. By comparison, the highest peaks in Colorado are 14,000 feet. People feel sleepy in their cozy mountain house, because of the high altitude. 901 woorden meer

Shitty Movie Detail: Hellraiser

The Road to Helloween Edition 2021

Fun Fact I Just Made Up: Pinhead’s outfit was the inspiration for the cable guys’ shirts in the South Park episode Informative Murder Porn.


Jeff Dean: Google AI Takeover Architect

Jeffrey Adgate Dean leads the artificial intelligence division at Google known as Google AI. Google AI’s mission appears to be the creation of that creepy computer from your nightmares that knows everything about you, predicts your every move, and becomes an evermore indispensable part of your life the more you want it to just shut up and stop talking to you via your appliances. 59 woorden meer



a farewell to oxford

Oxford has been our on and off home now for the past ten years, and as someone from a family with far more connections to “the other place”, it has taken me most of that decade to come to really like and appreciate the city. 141 woorden meer

Adam Green

Day 3186: I do what I want!

Ever since we adopted Joan — our kitty who was found on the streets of Tennessee with her siblings and many kittens — my husband Michael has been “speaking” for Joan by saying, in a high Southern-accented voice, “I do what I want!” … 246 woorden meer

Personal Growth

The Sundae TV Awards 2021

We’ll not beat around the bush: watching TV was not as fun as usual for us this year. It can already be hard to get excited about the quantity-over-quality glut of Peak TV when there’s decades of classic TV to watch instead. 7.338 woorden meer