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Fiona Bruce held up by rabbi (Rousse)

‘Sorry I’m late’, said Fiona Bruce. ‘I couldn’t get away from the rabbi’.

‘Oh’, I responded. ‘I had no idea that you were Jewish’.

Samech means “a circle,” to surround, encompass. There are 2 manifestations of God’s presence surrounding, and filling. The Samech represents “the surrounding energy.” A Samech (circle) represents repeating cycles. 86 woorden meer


Hebrew letter YUD: smallest of all Hebrew letters, “the little that holds allot.” It is the first letter of God’s name of 4 letters, “an infinite God created a finite world,” God “contracted” His infinite being to create the world, which is similar to the Big Bang theory. 102 woorden meer


Why I don't want to be a Jew

I remember the early days when I took more interest in the Seven Laws for non-Jewis humanity. One of the challenges I faced was a guy called Asher Meza. 1.346 woorden meer

Noahide Commandments

Rabbi of Gestetner’s Bais Din is a Sexual Predator to Orthodox Jewish Women Desperate For Their Religious Divorce - The Gett ⚠️

This is from Flatbush Girl’s Facebook Page.

I present to you the Bais Din that harbors Meir Kin and other Get refusers. Do we trust rabbanim that blackmail and sexually coerce women instead of trying to help them get a Get? 171 woorden meer

Domestic Abuse

Fine Art Oil Painting Portrait "Unknown Jewish Israeli Rabbi" Signed Anschul


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  • 1 Fine Art 20th Century Oil Painting Portrait “Unknown Jewish Israeli Rabbi” Signed.
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