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We are in the final days of Ramadan. A day popularly known for Muslim’s fasting (going without food or drink) from the break of dawn to sunset.  1.122 woorden meer

Understanding the Qur'an (Episode 5: God's Sovereignty)

As many of you know, the focus of much of my writing is on the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem. One of my life goals is to bring a deeper understanding of this subject to people who are interested in matters of faith and spirituality. 1.138 woorden meer


Islam is an Arab religion

Islam is an Arab religion, it is not a crime nor an offense to assert it. It is conveyed in the Arabic language, is transmitted in Arabic, is written in Arabic, the profession of faith is made in Arabic. 649 woorden meer


Project Ramadan: 1st Prototype

Hello All,

I am quite excited to announce that I have just finished the first prototype of the Quran Database!

I managed to use the… 362 woorden meer


Kliping Koran

Sudah beberapa hari ini saya pulang kampung ke Malang. Hari ini untuk mengisi waktu, saya beres-beres kamar yang sudah lama tidak saya tempati. Selama ini semenjak adik sudah tidak ada, saya lebih sering numpang di kamarnya setiap pulang ke Malang. 495 woorden meer


What should Christians bring up when discussing truth with Muslims?

I have some experience dicussing Islam because my mother’s side of the family is all Muslim. My go-to argument has always been to confront them about the Qur’an’s claim that Jesus did not die of crucifixion. 613 woorden meer


Project Ramadan: How can Data explain the Quran?

During this holy times and with some enthusiasm for Data, I cant help but raise the question: How can Data Explain the Quran?

Imagine a Dataset with four columns: Word, Verse/Aya, Soora and Juz. 208 woorden meer