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اللهم لك الحمد


We always repeat these words every time; Life is not fair.
Perhaps it was never meant to be and it was never designed to be. 265 woorden meer

Palestinian Movement is Nazism: Florida Van With Palestinian Flag and “Hitler Was Right” Sign Circles Around Pro-Israel Rally

A van that had several Nazi slogans written on it as well as a Palestinian flag circled around a pro-Israel rally in Boca Raton, FL on May 12. 143 woorden meer

Disturbing pro-Hamas rally takes place at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square

The so called Palestinian Movement is islamism, terrorism and neo nazism and honorary white supremacy. it has nothing to do with the rights of Palestinians

Our Status

The fact that we don’t know our status with our Lord. And whether our deeds are being accepted or not, makes us to humble ourselves and also try to strike a balance between hope and fear. 10 woorden meer


Religion of “Peace” Strikes again

Recently Muslims in Birmingham UK attacked Mufti Abu Layth another Muslim, they came to his house at night wearing mask as to conceal their identity and proceeded to toss stones through the windows. 547 woorden meer

Jesus Christ

Does Q 2:79 claim that the previous scriptures have been textually corrupted?

In this article I look at both the Qur’an itself as well as Muslim commentary (tafsīr). I try to highlight the complexity regarding this question – what do we mean when we talk about textual corruption? 49 woorden meer


How to Love Allah S.W.T

” if you LOVE Allah, then follow me(S.A.W)” SURAH ALI IMRAN

Have you read the book 5 LOVE LANGUAGES? I thought it was a great book to improve all your relationships, you know with you parents, siblings, friends, spouse, it worked for pretty much any relationship! 507 woorden meer