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Nearly 2800 Days...

That’s how long it’s been since I told two of my closest family members that I always figured I had been given poison of some sort by my Mother when I was a child. 424 woorden meer

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One more cup of coffee for the road...

Most mornings I have that ‘really don’t want to go to work’ struggle. I love being at home. And as soon as I leave the house I have the ‘really don’t want to go to work’ struggle even more, because then I encounter people, and I don’t like people. 245 woorden meer


Day 103/365: Stealer's Wheel "Stuck In the Middle With You" from Self-Titled

The Song of the Day (SOTD) started it’s “life” as a novelty/parody song. It was written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan as a parody of Bob Dylan’s… 145 woorden meer

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Like a Rolling Stone. Resentimiento y transformación.

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En los 60, la guitarra eléctrica era la enemiga principal de la “música seria”, pero pronto, todo cambiaría. 1.829 woorden meer


Traveling Wilburys - Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 Review

Powers founded on the supergroups of the now are pale comparisons to what the late 1980s had in store for audiences. McBusted are a strong contender, surely, but not close to the might and influence Traveling Wilburys had in their two short years together. 487 woorden meer


Inspired by Bob Dylan poems from Mark Andrew Heathcote

Lucifer’s wife

I’m waiting on my severance pay
And the gallows of the moon
When all you can say is I don’t care
Please, please go away 
What did you think I would do? 669 woorden meer
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