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Get Your Site Going: The Movie

Hi there! For the visual learners among us, we’ve made a little movie in five, three-minute parts to help you get your site up and running. Soon every computer and smartphone, operated by every person on the planet, can know about what you do. Huzzah!

Keep your website open in another window while you view these five, three-minute films. Feel free to stop, rewind, and playback any step in the process.

1. Primer: Your Website ABCs

A is for address, B is for browser, C is for custom domain.

2. Foundations: Pages and Posts

Site pages and blog posts are the foundations of a WordPress website.

3. More Tools: Media and Menus

A walk through the media library and how menus work.

4. Have It Your Way: Customize Your Website

Learn how to enter and exit the customizer — and get ready for Radcliffe 2.

5. Get Found: Socialize, Publicize, and Blog Often

Getting your site noticed by search engines is a matter of hustle, and by making blogging a habit.

6. Help Us With The Sequel

Feel free to make requests for more tutorials in the “Other” section of the poll below.

If you want more detail on any topic, visit our Support site for documentation on every WordPress.com question you can think of (and some you can’t).

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