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When you become a part of WordPress.com, you’re actually getting two awesome services: your blog (and/or website), plus your Reader — a place where you can read posts from sites on and even outside of WordPress.com. We’ll help you get comfortable with both to help you get the most out of WordPress.com.

Don’t fear the Reader

When you log in to WordPress.com, you’ll land in your Reader. It looks like this:


We call it “your” Reader on purpose. It’s a place you make your own and tailor around things you love, so every time you log in, you find something new that speaks to you.

There are three main things you’ll do here:

  1. Find great stuff to read.
  2. Catch up with blogs you follow (once you’ve found them).
  3. Post to your blog on the fly.

Let’s take a look at each one, shall we?

Find great stuff to read

The best way to attract readers is to read and comment on others’ blogs, and the best way to find blogs to read is to search tags in the Reader. Click Tags to open the tools, then Add to search for a tag. You can also use the search bar located at the top of your Reader to find topics that interest you.


In the box that appears, type in the tag you’re looking for, then click Enter/Return on your keyboard. Your Reader will load up all the recently-published posts using that tag.

reader sidebar 3

If you’re not sure where to start, consider topics you’re interested in. Art? Politics? Knitting? Here, we’re adding the Photography tag. Now, whenever we come back to the Reader, Photography will be in our list of tags and we’ll be able to check out the latest posts tagged “Photography.”

Delete a topic by clicking the X. Search for specific subjects, people in the news, recipes, movies, current events, whatever — get creative. Within each topic, the Reader will display a list of all posts from WordPress.com bloggers that have been tagged with that topic, starting with the most relevant. You can also sort search results by date. The most recent posts will appear at the top of the list.

When you’re ready for some more exploring, give some of our hand-picked content a try — it’s been verified by Very Official WordPress.com Experts as being certifiably awesome. Discover features excellent posts from across the WordPress community that have been hand-picked by our editors, browsable topics, and original features like Q&As with people doing cool things on WordPress. You’ll also find plenty of helpful information on building a great business website.

Manage and catch up with blogs you follow

Once you click on a tag you’re following, you’ll see a stream of recent posts. You’ll see an excerpt from each post, along with the post’s title, blog name, and any images in the post. Click on Follow in the upper right to automatically add future posts from the blog to your Reader stream, or use the tools at the bottom of the post to visit the blog directly, like the post, share the post on social media, or leave a comment.


You can also manage the blogs you follow on the Followed Sites page. Click on the Manage button next to Followed Sites.


There, you can add any blog or site to your Reader by typing the URL into the search bar and clicking the Follow button:


You can unfollow any blog by clicking on the green Following checkmark to the right of the blog title.


Post to your blog on the fly

The last useful Reader function is the ability to quickly post directly from the Reader, without going to your dashboard.

Up in the right-hand corner, next to your Gravatar, you’ll see the word, “Write.” Click on it to start a new post.

Master your dashboard

The second major piece of your WordPress.com experience is your blog (or blogs). The dashboard is where you can create posts and pages, configure the look of your blog and modify sharing settings.

Getting there

First things first: how do you get to your dashboard?

First, log in. You’ll be taken to the Reader automatically. To get to your blog’s dashboard, click on My Sites from the top left-hand corner of the Admin bar to open your site’s dashboard:


Your dashboard

The dashboard is the place to create new posts, pages, add media, experiment with new themes, and create custom menus. You can also manage sharing to social media, users, blog settings, domains, and more:


Have dual citizenship

The Reader and your dashboard are both key to squeezing every last drop of goodness out of WordPress.com; even if it seems like only one or the other will be useful to you, we encourage you to get to know them both and learn to move fluidly between them. To wrap up the tour, here is the intersection where you can pass easily from one world to the next.

When you’re in the Reader, Click on My Sites to get to your dashboard. (If you have more than one blog, you’ll be able to choose which blog to work on.)

From your dashboard, click on Reader from the blue menu bar to read the blogs you follow.


Now that you know how to navigate, let’s get your site set up just the way you want it, starting with picking the perfect theme. It’s time to Get Personality.

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