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Google rolls out continuous scrolling feature to mobile search for added convenience

Why it matters: Google recently introduced continuous scrolling, providing mobile users with enhanced access to information and search results. The new feature will let mobile users scroll through results rather than having to tap for the next set. 299 altre parole



Abbreviation: hypertext markup language

A file format for text documents. As you use the web, your browser downloads content in this format, interprets it, and presents you with a web page. 128 altre parole


Hello from the other side...

How my phone connects to the internet

The thought comes to my mind while I’m on the bus home from work….what’s all the fuss is about?…let’s look up the video for Adele’s new song on YouTube. 854 altre parole

Operations on a Maintenance Centre Layout (Part 1)

This is the first of a three-part series of posts on maintenance centre layouts, that started with Aaron Riley’s Metra service centre layout.  In this post, I’m focusing on helping you understand the types of prototype passenger facilities (or depots in Australian parlance) with which I’m familiar. 1.344 altre parole


Spooky: Enhancing Dark Mode in Chromium

I am not really a fan of Dark Mode — I like my screens bright and shiny. But it’s October, and it’s sometimes fun to make things dark and spooky. 667 altre parole


How to make a clock with JavaScript

Hey guys! In this post I’m gonna talk about how do we create a digital clock with JavaScript.

First we need to edit our HTML code. 581 altre parole


In Spiders and Webs

(April, 2021)

After months of searching,
I had finally found a roommate.

Reluctantly, I handed over the key.

The spider took it.

I wasn’t sure about this arrangement, 171 altre parole