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vSAN Fault Domains

I have recently been working with a customer in EMEA running HP Synergy and VCF. In fact I have been working with this customer for a long time now. 1.277 altre parole


VCDX Prep Advice Series - The Mentor/s

For every VCDX round I normally run unofficial face to face mock as the last hurdle and prep for all those defending the VCDX that round in the UK and for anyone wanting to come assist with the mocks and learn from them. 1.206 altre parole


How to configure Multiple vm Instance per request in vRA 8.x

I got a use case to deploy multiple vm instances in single catalog request, this feature is by default available in vRA 7.6 blueprint and easily visible but in vRA8 it’s not an eye catcher. 209 altre parole


Mouse Pointer Disappears From VMware Console

The issue is sometimes resolved with a reboot, but that isn’t always an option for a production machine. After some digging, I discovered that there were two superfluous “VMware USB Pointing Devices” listed in Device Manager.” Once the USB Pointing Device(s) are removed, leaving the “VMware Pointing Device,” the mouse pointer reappears.


Manage vSphere Storage Solutions

  • LUN Masking

LUN masking is a process that will mask away LUNs, or make those LUNs inaccessible to certain ESXi hosts. Typically this is done on storage side or FC switches but can be done on ESXi level as well. 1.245 altre parole


VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x Password Management

In this blog post, I will demonstrate VCF password management.

VMware Cloud Foundation manages the passwords for various VMware components such as:


Horizon Linux Persistent User Experience

A Persistent User Experience in an Horizon Instant Clone Desktop Pool


I use an NFS server to store the user’s data and persistent configuration for each user while integrating the Linux desktop with Active Directory for user authentication. 5.829 altre parole