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Publications update from ILRI East and Southeast Asia, January-June 2021

We would like to share with our donors and partners the list of publications of ILRI East and Southeast Asia publicized from January to June 2021. 1.468 altre parole


Nation-Building and Corruption: A Warning from French Vietnam

Nation-building has long been a popular project—albeit a controversial one—among Western nations. Nation-building is a complicated activity, one that requires balancing such a wide variety of considerations, and making hard choices about what areas to prioritize. 1.189 altre parole


Lời trách

Đã chả biết cứ tham vọng cuồng vĩ như vậy thì sẽ thua hay sao mà vẫn cứ chạy theo như vậy!


Tiếng nói của ngày

Có mấy người phụ nữ cộng sản nói: “Chúng tôi đã bảo nhau đừng lên tới mức lớn ấy kẻo mất đảng.” Thế là bình ổn đấy. 13 altre parole



Moc Chau plateau is a must-visit destination in Vietnam because of its beautiful landscapes with green tea plantations, many herds of milk cows, the huge garden of apricot trees and various flowers. 1.609 altre parole