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Tell me your favourite song!

A song a day keeps the worries away,
listen to it anytime, whether it’s a solitary December evening, or an empty midnight on Saturday.

As its melody will bind your soul, 164 altre parole


History of the Record Player

Music has been around since the dawn of civilization thanks to the talent of musicians, but for many thousands of years, if there were no musicians around, there would be no music. 710 altre parole

Dear John

One of America’s beloved songwriters is John Prine. I listened to one of his albums this morning and I felt like writing a Prine-type song. … 245 altre parole


Miyake Haruka: Merry Go Round

I think I was describing what was happening whilst trying to express something a bit more, but I don’t think I did a good job. I think I was thinking a little too actively when I probably should have let myself switch off more as I’ve listened to this song a lot. 365 altre parole


Seas of Forever

I open my eye,

I tell another lie,

I breathe and I die!

I die!

I think of love I am denied,

I am denied! 205 altre parole