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The night was dark, and the road long....

It seemed like she was driving forever, the dark road went on and on into the dark night. It would still be a while before she reached her destination, she looked briefly to the passenger seat which held her bag and some snacks and drinks she had acquired at a convenience store. 1.465 altre parole


Pace della sera

Due aquile intrecciano i voli sopra il Pelmo azzurro di sera, un grillo nell’erba frinisce nel fresco dopo il caldo del giorno, il torrente che scorre costante e risuona danzando sui sassi. 79 altre parole

Gaming With Pride

Credit: BioWare


Ever since the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, June has been internationally recognised as LGBT Pride Month. Dedicated to the acknowledgement and recognition of LGBT+ people worldwide, as well as the continued promotion and pursuit of equality, Pride Month has become a much deserved and necessary celebration of gay culture. 1.520 altre parole

Gaming Articles

Lightning crashes

She sat in her car in bumper to bumper traffic. A heavy storm was coming and the precursor to the big storm was hitting now on her drive home from work. 629 altre parole


Chapter 7- Through the door

They entered a dimly lit, dingey looking hallway with stairs up to a doorway at the end of it. He looked up and around him, no cameras, no signs, no markings other than mold and distress from wear and tear on the walls. 473 altre parole


What to do about nothing

She sat in her car, listening to the radio and thinking about her first day. It’s going to be great, she thought. A new beginning, a chance to do over, get a fresh start, learn new things. 523 altre parole


Chapter 6- Enter If You Dare

As they entered the alley he searched around with a flashlight looking for anything that could be considered a clue of sorts. Sera was all sorts of silly, walking crooked and giggling. 680 altre parole