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Learning Experience Project (LEP)

For this final project, my partner Vincent and I decided to do a mix of place based and virtual field trip learning for our third grade students about otters. We hope you enjoy!

Second Grade

Hallowed Halls

“Well hello, my old chap!” Sea Otter cringed as Highland Gorilla spotted him in the milling crowd of alumni. “So very good to see you, dear chum. 28 altre parole


Body of Water

The ocean. The Pacific Ocean. The Monterey Bay. West Cliff Drive. The cliffs themselves. The smell of ocean air, seldom as fresh as poetry pretends. A mixture of acrid salt, sand-heat rising like baked bread, rotting kelp, Pelican dung, and the occasional human off-gassing of Aqua Net, coconut tanning oil, and the incense of semi-legal ganja glowing in communal pipes. 168 altre parole


'Otterly' Amazing: Learning to Care for the Detroit Zoo’s Newest Marine Mammals

It’s the season of sea otters at the Detroit Zoo! Over the coming weeks, Dr. Ann Duncan, director of animal health for the Detroit Zoological Society, will be sharing updates about two of the Zoo’s newest inhabitants, Ollie and Monte. 906 altre parole

Detroit Zoo


Kinda gnarly-looking, I know. Still, EarthSky says it’s the vernal equinox, so I gotta go with it.

The allergies say spring. So does the unsettled weather. 235 altre parole


Accepted sea otter population estimate at 1911 as inaccurate as rejected polar bear estimate for 1960s

Sea otter specialists, without shame or apology, routinely use a benchmark figure of ‘about 2,000’ for the pre-protection population size of the species at 1911 based on extremely limited evidence yet polar bear specialists… 1.277 altre parole

Polar Bear