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The Painting Pedestal: The Kingdom of Sardinia

Italy in the mid 19th century continues to fascinate me with my project to build armies of the Risorgimento, Wars of the Italian Unification (WotIU), or even the decline and fall of the Austro Hungarian Empire. 488 altre parole


Garibaldi Part 1 of a trilogy

I have just finished the first part of a trilogy written by George Macaulay Trevelyan. Trevelyan was an enthusiastic supporter of Garibaldi so these 1200 odd pages (the three books) are a tribute to the man who sits centre stage when it comes to the wars of the italian unification. 214 altre parole


Casa Guidi Windows, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Casa Guidi Windows, A Poem in Two Parts. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. ISBN: 9781517563943

We may now, and at long last, be arriving at the time for the proper appraisal and appreciation of the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 1.838 altre parole


The Risorgimento: Story and Statuary

Any town or city you visit in Italy will invariably have roads and squares which include the names of four Italian notables: Cavour, Garibaldi, Vittorio Emmanuele and Mazzini. 2.615 altre parole


Plan A 2021

The beauty of a written plan is you can tear it up and then reflect later on whether things got better or worse as a result! 277 altre parole


Take a glimpse

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We all know that health forms an important part of our lives, but rarely give it the attention it requires… well haven’t you ever had this feeling to get fit and in shape or just to get healthy in general…probably we all get this feeling at some or the other point in our life. 328 altre parole