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Campbell — New Edinburgh Review Anthology (1982)

Campbell, James, ed. New Edinburgh Review Anthology. Edinburgh: Polygon Books, 1982.

See GMB, “The Day of the Ox” (story), pp. 165–69.

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King — Twelve Modern Scottish Poets (1971)

King, Charles, ed. Twelve Modern Scottish Poets. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1971.

See pp. 154–66: the editor’s introduction, followed by GMB’s “Unlucky Boat,” “Our Lady of the Waves,” “Old Fisherman with Guitar,” “Hamnavoe Market,” “Snow: From a Hospital,” “The Heavenly Stones,” “The Hawk,” “Country Girl,” “Haddock Fishermen,” “Winter Bride,” and “Warped Boat.” 17 altre parole

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Lindsay — Scottish Poetry 7 (1974)

Lindsay, Maurice, Alexander Scott, and Roderick Watson, eds. Scottish Poetry 7. Glasgow: University of Glasgow Press, 1974.

See GMB, “Yule and Passiontide” (pp. 6–7), “A Drowning” (p. 8 altre parole

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Lindsay — Scottish Poetry 8 (1975)

Lindsay, Alastair, et al., eds. Scottish Poetry 8: An Anthology. Cheadle, Cheshire: Carcanet Press, 1975.

See GMB, “Sea Village (Stations of the Cross),” pp. 15–16.

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GMB — Faded Dawn (29 January 1977)

GMB. “Faded Dawn.” Weekend Scotsman, 29 January 1977, p. 3.

Review of C. Day Lewis, Poems 1925–72; Anthony Rudolf, The Same River Twice… 12 altre parole

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GMB — Sir Walter (16 June 1973)

GMB. “Sir Walter, the Pirate and the Witch.” Weekend Scotsman, 16 June 1973, p. 2.

A discussion of the historical background of Walter Scott’s… 14 altre parole

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GMB — Calendar of Love (January 1967)

GMB. “A Calendar of Love.” Argosy 28, no. 1 (January 1967): 117–40.

Story. With a biographical introduction and afterword.

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