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Jennifer Aniston ADMITS Her Vaxx Does NOT Work:

Jennifer Aniston ADMITS Her Vaxx Does NOT Work

Jennifer can’t even keep a husband for more than 5 months.. Hey, there LONELY GIRL.

Aniston says outright that she has cut off folks in her inner circle who will not receive the mark-of-the-beast, kill shot. 148 altre parole


Today, For Once

I was talking to my dad today and discussing the Dungeons and Dragon’s Cookbook I have and it’s recipes. We were on the topic of how different American measurements and cooking descriptions are when my father said “well, it’ll all change now with that new trade deal Boris signed with American” and I have never come so close in a moment to shitting myself. 275 altre parole

Poll clears Joyce of drunkenness


Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was not inebriated at any stage during the four sitting days of federal parliament this week, a snap poll has found. 361 altre parole


Do Māsks Work?

Now with the CDC revising its policies once again, it’s worth the time to look into the actual effectiveness of masks at preventing spreads of pathogens. 604 altre parole


COVID counter-measures (!) wrecking immune systems / Follow-up: COVID-19 reactions doing more harm than good?

I just encountered a very disturbing read. Among* the claims made:

*I recommend reading the original text in full. The inconsistent quotation marks are present in the original. 671 altre parole