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Poem by Joni Caggiano on September 18, 2021 – Photograph by Lucas Pezeta (pexels)

counting, counting
doing daily safety checks
exhaustion visiting eyes of seven… 22 altre parole


Sa Kabilang Mundo

Sa iyo ako uuwi
At hahawakan mo parati ang aking kamay,
Nakaakbay sa lahat ng puntahan
Kilala nilang ika'y akin, ako'y iyo.

Pero naisip mo ba? 77 altre parole

Poetry & Patterns

Poetry is all about patterns. Choosing the right word is secondary. Rhyme is not a must. Flow is important and must not be forced.

A poem is the shortest short story in the world. 88 altre parole

All along the way, I kept listening,
Few words, feelings, music at times,

All along the way, I fell in love…

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Out There Is Here To A Time



Hey… Are you, ok?

I don’t know, am I?

Are you? I don’t know…

Well, I think — I was?


Was what? 78 altre parole



I feel your kindness and your honesty,
And I get to know you more ev’ryday,
My heart once so cold, guarded, has melted,
It is your love, I do exactly say. 30 altre parole