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Free Software Review: Yoga Image Optimizer. Google Guetzli? WHY!?

I had some JPEG images to make an optimization pass on.

Many programs that write JPEG files don’t do the best job at using the format efficiently. 694 altre parole

Fairphone 4

(Guardian Tech) – Samuel Gibbs:

The most ethical, repairable smartphone you can buy is back with a new model, this time with 5G and a fresh look but a weak camera. 43 altre parole


"Bug bounty" as an open source business model

The older I am the more I am pissed off on crappy the commercial software. Unfortunately I am becoming also more and more annoyed about crappier and crappier open source software. 3.111 altre parole


Free Software Review: Balena Etcher couldn't be easier for writing ISO images, but do they really need telemetry?

Debian 11.1 was released a few days ago and that means it’s time to refresh your installer media in case disaster strikes.

It usually doesn’t strike, of course, but the thing about disasters is that they are often unforeseen. 353 altre parole

Threat Mapper - An Open Source AppSec Vuln Scan Tool

Deepfence announced its making available a ThreatMapper tool that employs lightweight sensors that automatically scan, map and rank application vulnerabilities across serverless, Kubernetes, container and multi-cloud environments available as open source software. 248 altre parole


[DEUTSCH] JAX-RS 3.1 - Neue Features Teil 1 von 7 | Head Crashing Informatics 37 | Java

#JAX-RS 3.1 bringt endlich lange erwartete, neue Features. In dieser deutschen Videoserie zeige ich Euch die Highlights! Als Co-Autor der JAX-RS-Spezifikation und Committer der #Jakarta REST API bekommt Ihr die Features direkt vom Erzeuger präsentiert! 41 altre parole


Customizing Load Balancing Algorithms in HAProxy

The article is written by Connor Rawls, Master’s student at HPCC lab.

What is HAProxy?

Simply put, HAProxy is a reverse proxy software commonly used for distributing or… 1.133 altre parole