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Earring focus

Here’s the make-up I wore with this outfit. I just couldn’t get my camera to focus on my eyeshadow. It only wanted to focus on the rainbow earrings, but I see why, because they are really pretty. 155 altre parole


The case for wearing lipstick under your mask. 💋

I’ve heard it said that if you wear pretty “underthings” you will feel more empowered and have a more productive day.

Not sure if wearing pretty underthings under “Covid-loungewear” at home counts, 😂 but it did make me think for a minute about what we’ve “let go” as a result of… 195 altre parole


Make up - getting the most from your foundation!

Make-up is expensive. It’s a simple thing to do, but if you add a few drops of water to your almost empty foundation or concealer bottle you can get a couple more weeks from it!


WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. This article is loaded with heavy truths. You may not like what you read, but blessed are you if you read and act on the truths in here. 1.108 altre parole


กรี๊ดดดในที่สุดก็ได้มาลองแล้ววว Perfecting Foundation และ Perfecting Powder รองพื้นและแป้งฝุ่นตัวใหม่ล่าสุดที่แค่เห็นแพคเกจจิ้งก็ว้าวแล้ว ดีไซน์สวยมากกกกเห็นแล้วแบบช้านต้องมีๆๆๆๆ 82 altre parole

Make Up

My Makeup Colour Series: Orange 🍊

Hey Beauties!

I just purchased this lipgloss which was on sale and seeing that it’s Orange, I decided to incorporate it with my series. Orange is a fun shade to wear and create a makeup look with. 106 altre parole

Make Up

Advent calendar + Christmas presents

December is (sadly) long over, so it’s about time that I get around to showing you some of my advent calendar presents from my mum and some jewellery Christmas presents. 304 altre parole