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How to Overcome Exam Phobia

When a graduate or student learns material for exams, he or she does not think about psychological preparation. Fear of exams is the main reason why the grade is 1-2… 12 altre parole

Aryeman Raj

Why I Ignore The Rules Of Most Travel Influencers/ Travel Accounts On Instagram...

I was inspired to write this post as I’ve been getting messages on social media with something along the lines of ‘I wish I had your lifestyle’ or ‘Travel goals’. 1.243 altre parole

Travel Diaries

We were just kids

We were young and unstable

I’m thankful for the moments

But, I’m glad it’s long gone


10 Importance of Reading

When was the last time you read an important book or magazine article? Are your daily reading habits centered on the instructions on tweets, Facebook updates, or instant oatmeal? 988 altre parole


As another week begins I find myself again asking why I haven’t suddenly became overwhelming rich. Why has fortune yet again failed to fall into my lap? 274 altre parole


Is the Hyundai Tucson Worth Buying in 2021?

As of late, Hyundai has been putting some great effort into revamping its SUV line. Almost everything has been redesigned in their recent additions, and the latest to undergo a… 15 altre parole

Aryeman Raj

Wrong shoes!

Another day, another post!! Haha I’m going to do my best in providing as many daily uploads as I can. After working today I went out for a run (that didn’t go well) and I didn’t realise that I wore the wrong pair for my run until after I stepped out the car. 94 altre parole