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Main Character Syndrome - I moved to London...

It’s been officially two weeks since I moved to London. As you could tell from the fact that my first blog update was when I was still in Vietnam, life has been quite hectic in the last two weeks. 1.630 altre parole

Creative Writing


People see what they want to see.


Crayonz & Skyscrapers

We live in a world of Ladders, Construction, and Skyscrapers.   
As such, we value striving, upward progression, and the brick-by-brick determination to build Something from Nothing. 151 altre parole


Somedays are long. You know you have a lot of work, yet it is difficult to focus. True, focus is a state of mind. But if our heart is not in it how do we put our mind in it. 43 altre parole


Morning routine to set your day up for success

  • Don’t check your phone for the first 8 minutes
  • Make your bed
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Journal 3 things you are grateful for
  • Brush your teeth with the opposite hand…
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Increasing speed of climate change.

Climate change has been a major issue these days. Every year we are told about the changes in the climate and ways in which humans can help to reduce it. 512 altre parole