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Why you Should be Watching F1 from a Girl’s Perspective

I remember sitting in the living room, aged around 7, thinking about how boring watching Formula One was. It felt like my dad was constantly watching and it was like football, essentially just the same small people on the TV screen doing repetitive actions. 594 altre parole


The day the corners disappeared - F1 2020

It was a rainy day at Jerez, Spain. As a rookie I had thrown myself into the deep end of online racing, joining any lobby I could find. 764 altre parole

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Russell, son weekend (presque) rêvé chez Mercedes - Russell, his (almost) dreamed weekend at Mercedes

🇫🇷 Le weekend dernier c’est sur le circuit de Sakhir que l’on se retrouve, mais avec une courbe toutefois différente: L’Outer-Track, tracé pratiquement circulaire avec un tour de piste de moins d’une minute. 1.702 altre parole


2020 - The Year That Broke F1 Records

Despite the 2020 Formula 1 season being everything but normal, it was the season that broke countless historic records. COVID-19 not only meant a delayed start to the season, but that the calendar would be different entirely. 1.029 altre parole

Welcome to Formula Sustainable

In 2014, Formula E burst onto the scene; providing wheel-to-wheel racing on city centre street circuits as the first all-electric motorsport racing series. Six superb seasons later, the championship is a thriving force in global motorsport. 265 altre parole


Grip Strip Podcast Episode 41 - Diversity In Motorsports, Bench Racing and Football Talk


Phil and Josh bring on The White Silk Podcast/Racing Show creator Phil Spain to have a frank discussion on Diversity in Motorsports and some of the double standards that exist with certain drivers.  52 altre parole


F1 on steroids - the 1980s

The current F1 cars are the fastest racing cars ever produced. They are lap-time-shredding monsters and I for one like them. Yes they don’t have that visceral, raw quality that the old V10s had, but as an engineering exercise they are second to none. 2.131 altre parole