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Turkey Continues to be a Tool of NATO


Turkey has been a part of NATO since February of 1952. And it took more than two years for this country to join the North Atlantic military alliance, which it was allowed to do only after meeting the US political requirements, which included rejecting Atatürk’s one-party political system in favor of democratizing the electoral process and establishing a multi-party system, as well as liberalizing trade relations and strengthening the position of pro-Western capital. 1.607 altre parole


Episode 2: Life Of A Visionary

Gloria presents an overview of an illegal program, by the CIA, MK Ultra along with a book review on “Receptor”.

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Man buys car with CB radio Antenna, Now Wanted by the KGB

Local south Florida man recently imported an AE85 from Japan. The car had several oddities that attracted our buyer (who’s identity we will remain hidden), from an HKS turbo, rare bodywork, and oddly enough, what he believed to be a CB radio. 463 altre parole

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Code Name Blue Wren

Code Name Blue Wren: The True Story of America’s Most Dangerous Female Spy―and the Sister She Betrayed by Jim Popkin 2022

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