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It's the Economy, Stupid!

The following is a slightly modified version of my presentation at the annual Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium held at Concordia College, Moorhead, on the topic of “Sustainability” (September 16 & 17, 2014). 3.063 altre parole


New feudalism. Choose your liege lord wisely

In brief: I define new feudalism as a bundle of the four following trends: (1) appropriation of market niches by digital platforms; (2) transformation of the relationship between the state and the citizen in the direction of greater protectionism; (3) digital lightness of being, i.e.

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The Divide - Jason Hickel

We will discuss Jason Hickel’s book “The Divide” on Wednesday October 20th. This is an online event, which will be held via videocall. Anyone is welcome, but we keep link details private – … 315 altre parole


Working Conditions are Getting Worse in the US, by Pete Dolack

by Pete Dolack
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Systemic Disorder, Sept. 22, 2021
September 23, 2021

It’s no secret that United Statesians are more ignorant of the world beyond their national borders than the peoples of other countries. 1.746 altre parole


Apple will fuck with Fortnite but they won't mess with Texas!

From the interwebz:

I’m sure this is a great morale booster for all of Apple’s Texas employees — the kind of thoughtful support you expect from Tim Cook and his corporate henchmen. 22 altre parole

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Paper Presented on 16th September, 2017, at Mazdoor Mukti Centenary Celebration of the Russian Revolution, organized by the Russian Revolution Centenary Celebration Committee

Published on 23rd September, 2021… 99 altre parole


Apple's Tim Cook is an ever expanding monopolist douchebag!

From Yahoo Finance:

Wow, what a dick move.

I guess this is why he gets the big bucks.

Apple loses a giant court case and instead of learning some kind of lesson from his court loss he doubles down and pulls a Trump. 27 altre parole

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