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Bonus Baldo: A pun before and after translation

Back in last November, in this “OY collection” post, we discussed a Baldo strip and the matching Baldo en Español where an element of the joke doesn’t come thru in the Spanish version, and combined this observation with other instances, as well as “About” tab type info and external sources, to agree that the strip seems usually to have been first written in English, then translated for the Spanish version. 222 altre parole

(Not A Cidu)

Indie Games to Look Out For in 2021 and Beyond

A Brief History

The video game landscape has changed significantly over the last generation. The 360/PS3 era was full of low budget, double-A titles, that despite rarely achieving acclaimed success, many of which became cult classics in their own right. 2.712 altre parole

Maybe the clown likes reading?

From larK.

I (Winter Wallaby) get the reference to It. But I still don’t get it.


Saturday Morning Oys – November 7th, 2020

You can always count on Gargle Seawater for some Oy content!

Here is Baldo (1) using an embattled English expression in its traditional form, not the disputed more-modern form, and (2) making a pun out of it. 127 altre parole

Argyle Sweater


Comic strips continue to inhabit an odd universe in which people express their serious concerns about the Coronavirus while neither wearing masks nor practicing social distancing.