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Fragmen Memori

Udara dingin langsung menerpa seluruh kulitku ketika aku melewati pintu hotel. Udara dingin yang sangat berbeda dengan udara panas dari luar.

“Bara, cepatlah. Kita sudah telat ini,” ujarku pada laki-laki di belakangku. 1.043 altre parole


Gut Health: A Testimonial.

Well, here we are. It’s the end of another year, and one that pulled us all to the edge of our known capacities, and beyond. I feel like I both barely blinked my eyes, and also lived 5 lifetimes over in the last 12 months. 993 altre parole



My love,

I could not share you my heart.

To this day I was afraid, terrified

and shivering from the unknown art.

My love,

To be caught in a lie of a mystery… 76 altre parole