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How to Stay Calm & Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

Yesterday, the beach I normally go to was full of seaweed.  I walked about 25 minutes to the marker I set as a minimum distance for my daily exercise routine. 478 kata lagi


Know Thyself through concentration.

Ready your sub concessions mind to guide you.

Concentration is a form of power, which every human being keeps on cultivating. Human development depends on concentration. 1.334 kata lagi


आव्हान कर रहा हूं!

भारत माता का युवाओं को आव्हान! मैं आव्हान करता हूं, उन युवाओं का जिनके रक्त में देश भक्ति का ज्वालामुखी फूट रहा है। जिनके प्राण मातृभूमि की सेवा लिए तत्पर है। मैं आव्हान करता हूं उन सुपतो का जिनका कण कण समर्पित हैं। मैं आव्हान करता हूं जिनके भीतर ऊर्जा सा प्राण दौड़ रहा है! […]

आव्हान कर रहा हूं!


5 Yoga Asanas to Find Peace

The word “yoga” means to unite, but what exactly do we unite, and how? Yoga is a practice that combines breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation to find compassion and love within ourselves. 1.575 kata lagi

Yoga & Mindfulness

Hard Pills To Swallow

Try as I might I do not understand these behavioral patterns of the family that I was both racist towards as a joke (I’m white too–i don’t rightly care about color, but I do make fun of stereotypes) and jealous of. 845 kata lagi

Invitation to Yogi/ni Hut

A retreat to focus on your practise. Take two weeks for YOU. We have a tiny cabin perfect for a single yogi/ni. It’s a short walk (uphill) from HomeHearth, the locus of shared facilities : kitchen, bathroom, warm fire, organic gardens. 124 kata lagi