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‘It makes us sick’: remote NT community wants answers about uranium in its water supply

‘It makes us sick’: remote NT community wants answers about uranium in its water supply,  
Laramba’s Indigenous residents fear they are at risk of long-term illness and say they need to know who is responsible for fixing the problem, … 758 kata lagi


Pro nuclear argument has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’ Ian Lowe

Nuclear argument has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’ CLARE PEDDIE, The Advertiser p.21 Sat 16 October
Scientist and author Professor Ian Lowe 

The costs of solar and wind are still coming down, while it requires optimism bordering on delusion to see any realistic prospect of nuclear electricity becoming competitive,”  291 kata lagi


AUKUS, Indonesia, and the Indo-Pacific cauldron

In his renowned 2014 book, “Asia’s Cauldron: South China Sea and the End of Stable Pacific” Robert D. Kaplan offered a vivid depiction of the South China Sea as a locus where conflict, tension, and cooperation brew altogether. 1.111 kata lagi


Steer clear of the green glow; how is nuclear fuel made?

Uranium. It glows green and is highly radioactive. If you dug some up you should be terribly concerned, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, the Simpsons has mislead us about both its nature (it isn’t a glowing green element) and danger (I’m telling the truth I promise, just stay with me). 1.454 kata lagi


Oil is Black Gold, Uranium is BANG! Gold.

This movie might come in handy.

* * *

Currently, human beings fear nuclear energy despite tons of evidence proving that nuclear energy causes less deaths than fossil fuels and even wind power. 824 kata lagi


RADIATION lies - theme for OCTOBER 2021

As the world prepares for the Glasgow Climate Summit , the nuclear lobby aims to get its status approved there as clean, green and the solution to climate change. 133 kata lagi


Food for Thought #42 // Links🔗

This time the most interesting content I stumbled over includes: opportunity costs, JXN, KAP, Whisky, Bubble, Evergrande, trusting CEOs, uncertainty and risk, woke CEOs, … 433 kata lagi