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The ocean
Is cold and distant.

It’s gentle,
And soft,
Like milk,
Against my skin.

And then
Tsunami comes
And doesn’t leave… 47 kata lagi


Cultural Properties Loss

Topic: Cultural properties, archaeology, webinar, triple disaster; Word count: 490

March 11th marks 10 years since a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, Japan. 485 kata lagi



Photo by Clark Gu on Unsplash

The thirst was getting unbearable. There it was, a pitcher. People keep water in pitchers, thus spake the thirsty. The crow looked inside the pitcher. 1.164 kata lagi

Tsunamis- Weather Wiz Kids

This website discusses comprehensive information about tsunamis including how they are generated, their occurrence rate and their triggers. This website also contains information on the sizes of tsunamis, how fast they travel, as well as warning signs or indicators that a tsunami is likely to occur. 51 kata lagi

UPHEAVAL review: 'First class geological fiction'

A review of my latest short novel from the UK really made me proud: if only Amazon offered a ‘geological fiction’ category, that is what I would have chosen. 143 kata lagi

Sea Ice Habitat

Disasters and Manga - Gekitō Magnitude 7.7

I have done a few posts recently about manga, starting with one about my favourite manga Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin and looking at how manga has handled disasters, specifically the JL123 crash ( 230 kata lagi


First 2021 Community Emergency Cache Container Program Access Date is Coming!

In the event of an emergency, what if you had the option to access a personal bin full of clothing, food, and other supplies you hand-selected?  264 kata lagi

Public Safety